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I have a confession to make. My name is Cate Fine and I am a sex addict. I don’t even know how it started… I guess it’s when I got my first dildo from my best friend. She knew I was going through some trouble in my marriage, and my husband and I did not understand each other in bed anymore.  So I got playing when I was home alone all day.

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The other day, I had a sudden urge to touch myself. I have racked up a decent amount of sex toys, both for my pussy and my ass, and although I had never done it, I was ready to get my first ass penetration with the dildo at FTV Milfs. I laid myself down on the living room carpet, my fun tools next to me. My fingers instantly headed to my pussy as I spread my legs wide. I picked up a small dildo, and starting to and slid it right inside me. My other hand worked on my nipples as I got wet. I know the secret to an easy ass penetration it to be wet and relaxed which I intended to do little by little, making the experience all that more pleasurable .

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My friends called me the anal dildo milf, but they didn’t know I had never tried it until now. It is true that spreading my ass was quite an experience. The first time it hurt badly, but as I kept becoming better at it, it made me want to go faster, bolder  and more reckless, not caring anymore if the pool boy or the gardener were all over the back yard, and I was sure they had gotten a good idea of EXACTLY what I liked. I guess it’s just a matter of time before one of them makes a move to step up and make me feel like a woman again. As for my husband, things are better than ever. After he found out about my little…. FTV Milfs Kinks, he became addicted to me once more. Ever since, we’ve been back on the honeymoon stage!

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