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Curling her fingers up and rubbing against her g-spot, she remembered him leaning back to let the tip of his cock rub against it inside her.  Inna FTV Milfs could remember every single detail… every feeling… and the look in his eyes.  She thought about the thick veins of his cock plunging into her and feeling them pulsating and throbbing.  The look in his eyes… “ohhhh fuck yes” filled her head.  That was it… that is what sent her into her violent orgasm everytime.  Just the simple glance he gave her told her that he wanted her… needed her… And she would always give in without hesitation. She would put several dildos in mature pussy and remember the best night of her life over and over again.

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It was a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened.  In her mind throughout the weekend, she tried to blame the alcohol… but realized that there was no one to blame, because she wanted him badly.  It wasn’t the sex… or the powerful orgasms that he provided her that night.  It was the passion… the desire… that needy feeling of being wanted.
As Inna FTV Milfs fingers eased and out of her now dripping pussy and her thumb stroking her swollen clit… the busty brunette lady Inna would simply rub in harder on those dildos, until she got the absolute pleasure she was craving for.  He eased into her tight little pussy… spreading her walls apart.

He wasn’t there, but she could almost feel him… hear him…  she thought in her mind as she remembered looking down… Then, it happened.  Electricity filled every nerve of Inna’s tender body.  She tightened… toes curled… her hand over her mouth as her orgasm rushed quickly through her body.  Panting hard as she felt her pussy grabbing at that dildo, feeling the blood rushing to her clit… dreaming of it clamping down around a man as he fucked her beautiful body. Inna FTV Milfs remove her dildos and fell asleep, to wake up to another beautiful day, just relaxe… And ready for more.

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