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I  up and over my clit, flicking across it, over the top and slowly down through my folds, softly, slowly and expertly bringing me to the edge again and again just holding me off until I felt a finger (or two) slide in and with circular tongue motions around my clit. One of my biggest adventures was going to construction sites, with my glass toy up my ass… And watching men go crazy with me going upskirt in public for a ftv milfs hottie anal sex. After I had been naughty in the streets, I came home and made myself feel good…

My body convulsed and thrashed around the dildo that slowed but didn’t stop. The fingers still moved gently in and out. Peace descended, but briefly. I then curled her fingers up and gently massaged my g-spot whilst swiping my dildo once again across my clit in a different motion this time, and I instantly exploded again. This was the most unbelievable day in my life. What had I been missing? It was all in the movement! And the Glass Toy Sexy FTV Milfs Hottie that had been kept naughty was now a full time freak! I liked to get in the water and get my holes filled… My pussy drenched in water, and my ass with my beautiful, sparkly toy!

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The next few minutes (or hours I have no idea) were calm and gentle, soft kisses, no urgency just bliss (from my perspective anyway). I wanted to make Joanna, my best friend,  feel this good but the nerves kicked and I realized that I didn’t know where to begin. I did’n not know if she would freak out or give in to pleasure. We had never really crossed that line, but as soon as we got into the pool, I started telling her about my secret and well-kept desires. Whether we get to do it together or not, I’ll never know… But at least, I know I sparked some interest in her head!

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