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She seemed intrigued, but she was such a good married woman she was shy to let me know how bad she wanted it too. The next weekend, I took the blonde Milf Lexi out for a night in town again.  Needless to say, my friends were raging with jealousy of me getting a grip of her hot body. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I took her to the back, and we got into the staff bathroom. The feeling of the cold bathroom counter on her ass, made her body feel overwhelmed with heat and anticipation.  I put the tip of my throbbing cock into her.  Lexi gasped again… her free hand quickly covering her mouth and eyes opening wide looking at me. I took her hand out of her hand and covered it with a kiss.

As her fingers eased and out of her now dripping pussy and her thumb stroking her swollen clit… she remembered how it felt to be a woman. A long time ago since she felt her strong orgasmic contractions on ftv milfs video and she wasn’t willing to stop.

“Fuck his cock felt so good!” she thought in her mind as she remembered looking down… seeing his dick moving in and out… also glistening with her wetness all around it, getting white on the edges, knowing exactly what it is to get a real man to treat her before she was again stuck in a bad marriage with a man who did not make her feel a thing before. Oh yes… Every Friday, she knew it was time for her to take out the real wolf she’d hide all week, and enjoy her body out for the entire world to find out… Except her husband!

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